Lucon is a pretty little french town only 6 miles from our cottages.  It has all the usual Hypermarkets and shops as well as a Fish, Vegetables and Meat Market open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings up to midday.  In the centre of town is the Cathedral and opposite a Kamok distillary (cofee liquer).  There is also a huge lake for kayaking, dinghy sailing and surfboarding.


  • The Cathedral Notre-Dame de l'Assomption      is right in the centre of Lucon.   Built on the site of an 7th century Benedictine monastry.  It was devastated during the religious wars and in 1622 it was ransacked from top to bottom.  During the French revoloution it was used as a barracks, stabling and an arsenal.    It is now a listed monument with its steeple rising 85mtrs high.   Guided visits are arranged throuh the tourist office.   

    The Dumaine Gardens are well worth a visit.  Said to be the finest gardens in the Vendee and one of the most beautiful in France, they cover more than 4 hectares ( 9 acres ).   At the entrance a sumptuous alley of yews clipped into pyramids leads the way to the 'Theatre de Verdure' and the minature goats enclosure leading onto lawns and flowerbeds.    At the centre an artistic octagonal pool with bronze naiads and  a bandstand.   A gentle slope houses a little lake with a grotto and rockery;  Then there is a wood with great tree trunks and  a vast lawn decorated with floral patterns.   In July the gardens are illuminated by 3500 lanterns and a concert is held in the bandstand. 



    La Rochelle   is truly one of the loveliest seaside towns in France, It has beauiful  architecture, ancient arcades and harbour restaurants.   Look across the old port at the two towers while sampling a wonderful meal at one of the many restaurants or walk around the harbour looking at the stalls and crafts on display.  Take a trip on one of the many boat excursions around the Ile de Ré or Fort Boyard or visit the wondeful Aquarium. This is a town that is an ideal day out.






    The Old Port 

    The Old Shopping Arcades 
    The Aquarium 


    The Minimes Marina 
    Fort boyard







    At the heart of a region of 100,000 inhabitants,  this renaissance town between the sea, the bocage and the marshes, at the gateway to Mervent forest, the former capital of Lower Poitou and is the architectural pearl of the Vendée  This castle classed as a historical monument was built in 1580, The celebrated author Georges Simenon  ( Maigret ) lived here from 1940 à 1943.




    Vouvant The charming medieval town of Vouvant, with its twisting alleyways, old fortress and beautiful church
    One of the most beautiful villages of France on the site of what is today called La Place de la Lease Rose, formerly within the fortified village of the castle Lusignan.

    1. The Mélusine Tower:    The Mélusine Tower is the only preserved part of the castle. The legend has that it was
                                                constructed in one night by the Mélusine fairy,
    2 - The church:                   Prestigious monument, it is an example of Romanesque architecture of Low Poitou.
    3 - Court of the Miracles:

    4 - The Romance Bridge:


    5 - The Castle of the "Récepte":     The people came there to pay their taxes in cash or in kind. The castle is well preserved.
    6 - The Postern:                 Is one of the three doors which in the Middle Ages, allowed the entry in the strengthened
                                               enclosure of Vouvant.
    7 - Ramparts:                    This system of defense independent of the castle dates from XIIè century. 
    8 - The House of Mélusine:     Found in the walls is the Office of Tourism, it recalls the history of the Mélusine fairy







    A visit to the forest of Mervant is a lovely experience.   A paradise for walkers, cyclists and horseriders alike with many footpaths, cyclepaths and bridlepaths.   Find peace amongst the forest, marshes and fields.    Bring  lunch or a picnic and just relax in this superb countryside.    Take your children to the park Animalier de Pagnolle and see the wonderful abundance ofanimals and birds.
    Welcome to the Marais Poitevin also known as the Green Venice.   See the beautiful interlocking canals which in summer the algae turns a rich green colour.   The canals are lined with Willow and Poplar trees.   Why not hire one of the traditional flat bottomed boats and paddle amid the tranquility of the countryside surrounding the water.   Take lunch or a picnic with you and eat under the shelter of the trees on the riverbank.   BLISS! 




    ILE DE RE Also know as 'The White Island' because of its long stretches of sand dunes. It is  a great place for nature watching.

    It has dozens of restaurants  and shops and many small towns.   Drive the car from LaRochelle over the magnificent 2 mile bridge onto the island. The bridge is a toll bridge and costs about £12 to use, but still this is worth it and an ideal place for a long day out. Visit St Martin de Ré which is the largest village and very picturesque.  There are a lot of places to eat specialising of course in seafood especially Oysters.



    Puy de Fou
    Step back in time at this park which has a medieval village and offers a great  day out for the whole family with superb falconry displays, jousting tournaments, son et lumiere and many other spectacular sights lights with 1000 actors and evening entertainments. During the falconry displays more than six bird handlers at a time control their various captors to thrill the crowd. You can also meet the actors after the performances. There is a beautifull  flower garden with alternating fountains.The restaurants bake fresh bread made on the premises in medieval style ovens.
    At the Puy du Fou there are two great  attractions: the Large Park and Cinéscénie.




  • The Large Park has spectacles all day,  for example  The Ball of the Phantom Birds (spectacle of falconry),   The Roman Stadium Gallo (spectacle taking in the Roman Circus Games),   The Battle of the Keep (medieval combat),   The Medieval City (rebuilt medieval city), and others as well.    These spectacles last on average a half hour to 45 minutes.
    Entry tickets to the large park are not dated therefore you are able  use them when you want to, but are valid only during the season.                                                                                                                                                                                                    





    Cinescénie is the large night spectacle of Puy du Fou, on the largest screen in the world, with  original music from Nick Glennie-Smith. The visitors are seated in large amphithéatre.  There are a limited number of places, therefore it is wise  to reserve at least a month in advance. It should be noted that Cinescénie is held on certain days in the week: Fridays and Saturdays, and lasts approximately 2 hours
    In an area of 20 hectares, you enter  history to the sight of a 1000 actors,  thanks to a revolutionary sound "cinema"  where you relive the hours of glory of Puy of Fou of the Middle Ages to the Second World war as if you were there.
    For 2 hours of excitement  you relive 700 years of history, on a giant screen which has already entertained more than 7 million visitors.



  • FUTURESCOPE,  Poitiers
    Futurescope Literally the size of a  town Futurescope brings you 22 great attractions.  It needs at least 2 days to take in
    most of the sights.   Discover what the future holds at the internationally acclaimed science and discovery centre.


    Cyber Avenue:   is an entire universe devoted to arcade games and the Internet.

    Images Studio:  unveils the mysteries of the fascinating world of film-making. Take an initiation journey into the heart of a film studio

    Destination Cosmos: Take your maiden voyage into space.

    The Creativity Pavillion: The auditorium of the Pavillon de la Créativité invites you into the heart of creation, opening its doors to rehearsals or cocktail-concerts by the artists in residence.

    Reflections of Uranie: and here begins a quest rich in astonishing encounters set amidst a choreography of light, images and water.

    The Futurescope observatory:
      This is literally the high point of your Park visit- 45 metres! You will be carried gently up to this extraordinary vantage point for a panoramic overview of the daring and original architecture of the Futuroscope buildings .

    Other attractions, too numerous to mention in detail are  
    White Lightning,   Colours of Brazil,   Metropolis Challenge,   Race for atlantic,   Aquatic Melodies,   Childrens World,   Pulse a Stomp Odyssey,   Space Station 3D,   Dynamic Vienne,   Great illusions,   Cyberworld,   The Panda Adventure,   Digital City,   Haunted Mine,   The Magic Carpet,   and the Wings of Courage.