Lucon is situated only 5 miles from the gites at Champagné Les Marais and has many attractions.    It is an historic town of architecture and culture where remains of the Bishops Palace  (home of Cardinal Richelieu once Bishop of Lucon ) lived from  1606 - 1623. 


The  Cathedral Notre-Dame de l'Assomption is superbly illuminated at night to show off  it's wonderful facade and gothic steeple.


It is a town of flowers and parks with the Dumaine Gardens it's centre piece.    The  Dumaine Gardens extend over 4 hectares and are considered  amongst the most beautiful in France. 


A large covered market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays where freshly caught fish, fruit, meat, and regional produce can be bought.



There is a large choice of restaurants where you can discover the Vendéen ham, the Préfou (bread filled with garlic and butter)  shellfish and fish of every description as well as other traditional French cuisine.









                                                     Lucon Cathedral









                                               Le Jardin Dumaine










                                             Le Jardin Dumaine







                                    Mouthwatering Vendéen hams